About Us

Hello, I’m Angelyn and I am very proud to be the very first Singaporean to teach the Bradley Method® Classes here in Singapore. Here is a picture of my family in 2016.

Left to Right: Jeremiah, Jodie, Angelyn and Josh. The Loh Family 2016.

When I (Angelyn) was pregnant for the first time while Josh was posted overseas for work in April 2009, we Attended Bradley Method® Classes in Boise, Idaho, USA. After giving birth to our son Jeremiah completely naturally in Mountain Home Air Force Base hospital in America, we unexpectedly enjoyed (yes, yu read it correctly – ENJOYED!) the whole experience so much that we decided to take up the Bradley Method® training workshop in Anaheim California in November 2010 with full Intention of bringing wonderful method back to our home country Singapore.

Since then, we have taught Bradley Method® classes while residing in the USA (2010 – 2011) and are currently teaching in Singapore since 2012! Our second child (a daughter) was born in Singapore in 2013 at Mount Alvernia Hospital with Dr. Paul Tseng. We look forward to teaching more couples in the art of true natural childbirth in our home at 15 Tham Soong Avenue.

Left: Angelyn Seet-Loh, Right: Dianne Bustamante, at ParentLink in May 2014.

As a birth doula in Singapore, I have attended more than 150 births from 2012-2018 and I will be sharing a lot of birth stories in my classes. For 4 years from 2014-2017, I had the pleasure of helming ParentLink as director with a team of 18 affiliated doulas. During that time, I have been featured in various magazines, in print and online magazines including Mother & Baby, SassyMama, Mummyfique, the Straits Times, the Sunday Times, the Asian Parent and Smart Parents.

Here is the article by Mummyfique online magazine in 2017

https://mummyfique.com/day-life-doula/A Day in the Life of a Doula by Bianca Abbey

Towards the end of 2017, I decided to step down from ParentLink and founded Tree of Life Birth to concentrate on my Bradley classes, placenta and doula services. I am also currently finishing up my additional doula qualification with Childbirth International and I am part of the Doulas of Singapore society.

I am currently registered to attend births in these hospitals:

1) National University Hospital
2) Gleneagles Hospital
3) Thomson Medical Centre
4) Mount Elizabeth Orchard
5) Mount Elizabeth Novena
6) Parkway East Hospital
7) Raffles Hospital
8) KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

In 2014, at one of our Nearly Born Newly Born Gatherings at Real Foods, Killiney Road.

I also attend Home Births with Dr Lai Fon Min. Dr Lai is the ONLY doctor who still attends home births. If you wish to explore midwifery care options, please contact me directly at 9008 6556 and I can send you more information. To be absolutely clear, I am NOT a private home birth midwife. I can point you in the direction of one in Singapore, as I have worked with them before and am more than willing to work with midwives as they provide very comprehensive and woman-centric baby-centric care with love and respect.