DOULA Services

Mom Giving Birth - Doula Services

Couples who have successfully completed their course with us, will have the opportunity of hiring Angelyn as their doula. She charges $1800, no matter the length of your labour.

The price includes:

– 2 prenatal visits at your home
full labour support from the start of active labour up to 2 hours after the birth

– 2 postnatal visits at your home or hospital

Mother Giving Birth - Doula Services
Angelyn with her Client - Doula Services

If Angelyn is fully booked or unable to be on call for your due date, we will recommend other Singapore doulas for you who are also highly trained in natural birth. We believe that every laboring woman needs a doula, so please don’t let cost stop you. Discuss your concerns with us freely and we may be able to help you find a doula at a lower price.

Doula Poster - Doula Services