Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Courses with Angelyn

The Bradley Method® teaches you how to have an amazing natural childbirth with the help of a husband coach or doula, also known as Husband-Coached Childbirth. The method was founded by Dr. Robert Bradley, believing that childbirth is a natural process, encouraging mothers to trust their bodies while focusing on nutrition and exercise throughout pregnancy.

Couples learn to manage labour using the Bradley Method® through breathing and various relaxation techniques. Dr Bradley found that with his very low rate of cesarean surgeries (only 3.6%), the mothers and babies were healthier and had more positive outcomes.

In Singapore, more than 90% of our couples who attend the full series of classes are able to birth completely drug free without any pain medications and some even have orgasmic births.

Every series of Bradley Method® classes consists of 12 lessons of content. The classes are all very interactive and there is a lot of hands-on practice for everyone. Husbands or Partners are to attend all the classes with their wives or pregnant partner.

Bradley Method Poster - Bradleyb Method

Bradley Method Courses in Singapore

Saturdays 9am to 12pm
Tree of Life Birth
15 Tham Soong Avenue Singapore 597031

We have ongoing classes every Saturday so please email in or whatsapp to us at 9008-6556 for all the current class dates.

Classes usually consist of 2 to 4 couples and cost $795 per couple. This includes The Bradley Method® Student Workbook and access to our library of books and media. Each session consist of 2 classes worth of content, so there are 6 sessions as follows:

1) Session 1 (Classes 1 & 2: Exercise and nutrition/ Tense relax technique, Progressive relaxation)

2) Session 2 (Classes 3 & 4: Partner’s Role and Pregnancy/ Massage techniques)

3) Session 3 (Classes 5 & 6: First and Second Stage Labour/ Labour rehearsal)

4) Session 4 (Classes 7 & 8: Birth plans and birthing scenarios/ Positive expectations)

5) Session 5 (Classes 9 & 10: Advanced first and second stage techniques / Floating on a cloud, Relaxing colour relaxation)

6) Session 6 (Classes 11 & 12: Caring for your new family – newborn care and breastfeeding, featuring Happiest baby on the block and Dunstan baby language / Sensory recall, relaxing on a beach)

Due to the limited places for the group series, classes do fill up fast so please book early to save a spot. If the need arises, we may be able to start an additional class on request at a different timing (for example- same dates but at a different timing), so please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to call us for a chat to discuss your needs. We are also available via SMS texting, Whatsapp messaging and email. If you are located overseas, we may be able to arrange a Zoom or Whatsapp video chat session with you.