Placenta Encapsulation Service


Scientific studies from 1954 to 2005 have shown that consuming your placenta as a postpartum supplement has the following benefits:

1) Prevent postpartum depression

2) Increase breastmilk production

3) Balance your system with your own natural hormones

4) Replenish depleted iron from blood loss during and after childbirth

5) Help the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state

6) Lessen pain after childbirth to aid in postpartum recovery

7) Regulate hormones

Placenta Capsules - Placenta Encapsulation Service
Angelun with Amniotic Sac - Placenta Encapsulation Service

Your placenta is made perfectly for you by your body. Placenta capsules have also shown to have beautifying and anti-ageing effects on postpartum women. It is truly amazing how one organ has so many benefits for the postpartum woman.

Almost all mammals consume their placenta after birth. Even herbivores, that usually eat grass as their staple diet, eat their placentas! On-going studies are still investigating as to why they are making an exception towards the placenta and eating it right after birth.

Perhaps it is because the placenta is extremely nutritious and contains everything that the mother needs right after birth?

Care & Treatment of your placenta for capsulation

Processing of your placenta into capsules will take less than 7 days and will be available for collection from our porch fridge. Capsules have to be kept away from light and be stored in the fridge or freezer (if you want to keep them for long term use). This service comes with a dehydrated umbilical cord keepsake for long term sentimental storage.

We do not provide 24/7 on-call placenta pick-up service so your placenta will have to be delivered to our location on your own. Most of our clients have their friend or family member drop it off immediately by cab or car with Grab or Uber.

You will need to keep your placenta fresh with ice or cold packs in a cooler bag or ice box. Please drop off your placenta to us within the first 48 hours after the birth. Once your placenta has been dropped off, please leave us a message on Whatsapp (+65-9008-6556) to notify us so that we will be start the process of encapsulation as soon as possible. We provide 24-hour drop off timing and once you confirm this service, we will let you know the passcode for after-hours access to our compound for the drop off.

Size and number of capsules

We use the size OO gelatin capsule for our placenta capsules and this produces only about 70-150 capsules per placenta. The number of capsules will be dependent on the size of your placenta. We do not charge any additional for twins where there is only 1 placenta. If there are 2 placentas, it will be $700.

Cost: $380 per placenta, $700 for 2 placentas (for twins with their own placentas).

Placenta - Placenta Encapsulation Service