Angelyn is an honest, down to earth doula who tunes into what a couple need to bring a baby into this world safely, beautifully and holistically.

Their team truly provide a labour of love, covering everything from the amazing Bradley classes, to Doulas, pregnancy, post natal home massage and whatever a couple may need at this time in their family life.

She is super responsive on WhatsApp and was a friend and generous resource from the start even before I hired her or started the Bradley classes.

She has been a true advocate for the inner strength of a woman and her capacity to birth her baby with as little medical intervention as possible!

It was with Angelyn’s support and skills that I was able to confidently bring my baby into this world without drugs, at home, in a tub of cosy warm water.

Also with her gentle and astute guidance I have had a sweet time with getting the hang of breast feeding.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dr. Cheryl Kam Rossiter
(November 2016)


Loving Family - Testimonial
It was such a life changing experience and we are so thankful for all the support and encouragement.

“We don’t have the word to express how blessed we feel to have you by our side during those long 2 days(of labour). We look forward to doing it all again when we have a baby brother or sister for Arjan!”

Nisha & Jason
(after first child in September 2015)

They welcomed their second child in 2017 and Angelyn was with them again and it was a beautiful birth at Mount Elizabeth Novena.

Emotional Mother - Testimonial

“My husband and I had Angelyn as our instructor for Parentlink Bradley class as well as our doula. We absolutely enjoyed taking the Bradley class with Angelyn and having her as our doula! The class helped us to prepare my body and or minds to perform well during labor. It taught my husband and me to work as a great team, him as the coach and me as the athlete. Even though the days leading up to labor often had me feeling a bit doubtful about whether I would be able to do a completely natural birth, once labor started, all of what we had learned started to come back. We called Angelyn, and she came to pick us up to goto the hospital.

She was immensely supportive and helpful during labor, and with both preparation through classes and diet, my husband, and her as my doula, we were able to welcome our little one into this world in a calm and peaceful all natural drug-free manner, Thank you Parentlink for giving moms this valuable service!”

– Grace Lee & Max Gostelow (June 2015)

“Angelyn’s involvement was one of the best factors in our experience of the birth of our first child. We wholeheartedly recommend her as a qualified, understanding and extremely helpful doula.

We began the process of searching for a doula quite late in the game, only a few months before our due date. Although Angelyn had planned to take our birth month off for a holiday, she very graciously agreed to make herself available for us nonetheless.

She spent time counselling us before the birth, coming to our home at times convenient for us. Most importantly, she provided specific advice not only on labour and what to expect, but also on what to expect from Singaporean hospitals and the Singapore health care system (very important information for us non-Singaporeans!). With her input, we were able to craft a birth plan that satisfied our needs and was easily acceptable by both our primary care
physician and the midwives at the hospital.

During labour, she stayed with us around the clock (very long labour period) until our daughter was finally delivered; and for a few hours thereafter just to be sure that mommy and baby were both healthy and safe. She was a fantastic source of strength, warmth, humour and kindness throughout the entire experience!

One of the key (and unexpected) pieces of assistance Angelyn provided was some of her own breast milk, since mommy had a bit of a delay before her own milk came in. With Angelyn’s gracious assistance we were able to get through the weight loss period immediately after our daughter’s birth and bridge through to the time mommy’s own breast milk came in. In particular, her compassion and willingness to help out in this somewhat unexpected area provided us all with an extra bit of security that was invaluable.

Angelyn is not only a fantastic doula, but also a warm, caring person with a big heart. I applaud and congratulate anyone who selects Angelyn to be their doula: they will be well taken care of and in extremely competent and considerate hands.”

– G & K, mixed caucasian-asian couple stationed in Singapore (2014)

“I found the Bradley Method classes very informative and educational. They prepared my husband and me for the birth of our son in a way that bog-standard prenatal classes don’t, covering nutrition and daily exercises to prepare my body, writing a birth plan and well as indepth videos and discussions about every aspect of the birth and after. Compared to our friends, we really knew our stuff! Of course, nothing can 100% prepare you because you don’t know how your labour will pan out, but we were able to have a natural birth without medication so we achieved our goal. The classes are a real commitment but Angelyn was always flexible about us making up missed classes.

I can’t say enough good things about Angelyn! Even though we didn’t use her doula services she was always on hand, visiting us in the hospital and even making a midnight home visit when I was struggling with breastfeeding! She really goes above and beyond, providing the kind of support that any woman trying to have a child the NATURAL way really needs.

I love that Parentlink offers lots of services like baby first aid, and I’m really enjoying their new mother get-togethers. All in all, Parentlink is a really comforting, supportive place and whether you go the natural route or not, I wholeheartedly recommend it to any pregnant or new mothers (and fathers!) who need more than a monthly hit and run checkup with their gynae!”

– Kehinde Fadipe Olufunwa (2015-2017, 2 babies at TMC) British National


Please send all your birth stories and testimonials to Angelyn directly at angelyn.seet@gmail.com so she can put it up here for all to enjoy. Heartfelt thanks and love to you all.

A note from Angelyn:

“Every baby is special and every birth is unique. I have enjoyed every single labour and birthing that I have attended with all these couples and much more. Sometimes, a husband or partner is not able to make it to the birthing and I was right there with the labouring woman. I see the strength and sheer joy at the moment of birth. It is absolute pleasure for me and I enjoyed every minute of it.”